Many of us prefer buying pre-owned jewellery given the various benefits that we can reap from it. But in all fairness, being the first person ever to own something brand new is a very special feeling indeed so if pre-owned jewellery is not your thing, we understand! This piece is dedicated towards highlighting the hidden benefits (which are many) of purchasing pre-owned jewellery that you probably might not have considered before!

We shed light on our reasons why you should buy pre-owned ornaments the next time you’re looking for something special and beautiful. In case you already own pre-owned jewellery, we’re sure you will take away something new from this post and if you belong to the ‘new jewellery only’, well you will have something to think about and reconsider.

You get more value for your money

Purchasing a pre-owned piece can often get you more value for your money irrespective of the budget you have. As is the case with brand new electronics, cars and even houses, the value of jewellery depreciates as soon as it is sold and owned by someone. A brand new sparkling piece can take a hit of nearly 20% to 40% by the time it is sold, giving the financial upperhand to those who buy it pre-owned.

We all wish to get more for the money we spend be it for buying groceries or once in a blue moon luxury items, so why not make the most of the savings?

An array of choices and styles

A wide range of second-hand jewellery pieces are available for you to take your pick. If a piece is well-made and is properly cared for, it can easily outlive multiple generations. Keeping this in mind, a pre-owned jewellery vendor can show you pieces from almost any decade of the 20th century and even earlier. This is bound to give you quite an extensive range of designs to choose from.

There are various trends that come and go with time and it is the same in case of jewellery. By opting to buy pieces like these, you can reap the best of both worlds as you can enjoy the vintage designs that stand the test of time but look fresh and unique enough to make a statement here in the 21st century.

You won’t be party to environmental damage

Mining of precious, stones, metals and other jewels can seriously impact the environment and the human rights issues have taken a solemn hit in areas where these materials are mined. If you decide to buy pre-owned jewellery, you won’t be party to any environmental damage.

If you are buying a diamond studded necklace, always enquire if these have been sustainably mined and ask for evidence to make sure that they’ve not been obtained from conflicted areas. If you wish to keep your carbon footprint on the low and safeguard other humankind, then purchasing pre-owned pieces is certainly the way to go! It’s perhaps the only way to be absolutely sure that you have no role in contributing towards the harmful and untoward aspects of this industry.

You have the chance of owning a piece of history and keep it in your family!

Buying a piece of jewellery that is old and vintage means that you’re purchasing quality stuff. If it has lasted for so long that too in a good condition leaves no reason as to why it won’t last much longer, giving you the chance to pass it down to the next generation and be the family heirloom. There’s a story behind every pre-owned piece of jewellery waiting to be told and it’s this history that adds to its appeal and make for an interesting talk.

Some would say that to own a vintage piece is a big responsibility as it is a piece of history in which you now play a role that is to ensure that it is looked after well until it’s time for it to pass on. You can decide who this jewellery passes on to by writing it down in your Will. You can use the free Will kit for this purpose and then breathe a sigh of relief as your legacy will surely pass on.

Protecting historical artefacts is important for several reasons and your future generations will be thanking you for passing on items of such value which have been cared for well and which might even give them insights into their past.

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