An online travel reservation system is undoubtedly beneficial, not only because of the convenience of booking features, but also the capability to proffer an extensive array of travel related service and options to the millennial travelers. Such technologically advanced travel reservation channels cater and release their services through a web-based network. This web-based network gives the agent exposure to the largest inventory of global travel contents.

A modern travel company doesn’t just deal with travel booking service for a limited region rather they provide live streaming of real-time data on availability of global travel service suppliers. The modern travelers are taking advantage of the technology driven solution, where they can select their preferred destination, get the flight tickets and hotel rooms booked instantly at a comparatively low price. Millennial travelers prefer booking flight tickets through OTAs instead of airlines directly, as it gives them the opportunity to select from the multifarious source of options, so that they can get flexibility in selecting their best-suited service.

Having a tight hold on the largest inventory of airlines help travel agents in boosting both the realm and economy of an online travel business so it is extremely important to have access to the global content to cater to the needs of the travelers. Online travel agencies are considering integration of flight API, as it gives them the opportunity to get access to the inventory of airlines worldwide. Since flight is the most advantageous and most favored mode of transport, so the idea of coordinating airlines with the OTAs has brought insurgency.

When you opt for a flight booking API integration, it empowers you with following features:

  • Airline hosting management
  • Reservation management
  • Booking engine
  • B2C- End User Reservation
  • B2B- Travel agent reservation
  • GDS Integration- Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre
  • For IATA and non IATA agents
  • E- ticketing
  • Third party insurance
  • XML out
  • Airline mobile booking app (both android and iOS)

The benefits you will get are an egg in your beer, as it authorizes you with:

  • Fully automated DCS
  • Seat layout
  • Boarding pass generation
  • E-ticketing
  • Web check-in
  • Connecting flight module
  • Baggage weight module
  • Agent confirmation module
  • Addon service module

There are some airlines that offer discounts to the travel marketers as they bring the airlines customers and thus it increases profit margin to both parties. The financial transactions among the parties- airlines, travel agents and end-customers, occurred through online payment and so it is very important to protect all the data from leaking. Booking the tickets through an online portal is a win-win situation for all-airlines, travel agencies and customers. With a well-integrated website, it executes the task instantly with adequate information and thus making the booking done successfully.

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