Mobile homes are vulnerable to fire as the kitchen is attached to it. With the proximity of the kitchen inside the mobile home, the risk of fire to the mobile home is very high. Mobile homes are normally placed as a cluster in a mobile park which increases the risk of fire accidents.

The mobile home, caravan or a trailer is like a bomb ready to explode because of the size and materials used for construction.

Priority should be given for immediate evacuation from the vehicle. For prevention and evacuation from the vehicle, the following procedure and steps should be followed.

  1. Emergency door

This is very essential and should be easy to operate by all the members in the mobile home. The home dwellers should be well trained for emergency procedures.

  1. Fire extinguisher and fire blanket

Should be easily accessible and should be well maintained. The operating procedure should be known to all. When there is a small fire there will be a lot of smoke to suffocate the persons inside closed confinement. This should be tried to extinguish by anyone person while the others should immediately evacuate the home.

  1. Gas cylinder and pipe

The pipe should be regularly changed for wear and tear and the cylinder should be kept in a vertical position on a flat service with a gap between the cylinder and mobile home. By keeping the fire source away from the vehicle they can be easily detached and removed from the locality to prevent a disaster.

  1. Other fuels

Avoid Petrol, Kerosene and other alternate fuels to light your cylinder. When the stove takes time to catch the flame some people try to use other alternate fuels to increase the flame which is not advisable.

  1. Ash

Ashes if any should be properly disposed of away from the vehicle. Ashes might be hot and have some burning pieces which might readily catch fire because of a small mistake.

  1. Site Cleaning

The site around the mobile home should be kept clean from any dry waste to prevent accidental fire. Dry grass, shrubs and plastic cans around the mobile homes are a disaster ready to happen. So, keep the surroundings clean to avoid damages because of your neighbour’s mistake.

  1. Gap between vehicles

Have sufficient space between any two mobile homes. The heat from your neighbouring vehicle might cause damages to your vehicle so place them a safe distance.

  1. Storage of Fuel

Never store any fuel around or near your mobile to prevent accidents. Avoid using solid fuel stoves inside a caravan or a mobile home. Also, get a caravan insurance Ireland with you when you are travelling.

  1. Emergency numbers

The Emergency numbers to call for fire the brigade to be visible to every member using the mobile home.

  1. Electrical heaters

While fitting electrical proper precaution should be taken to avoid any contact to the surface of the vehicle. Heaters generate a lot of heat and prevention is better to avoid fire.

  1. Safety Alarms

All vehicles should be fitted with fire and smoke safety instruments at appropriate places. They should be well placed and checked for operation regularly.

  1. Children

Children should not be left alone inside the home without the elders. Children do not know how to escape from a mobile home in case of an emergency, so avoid leaving them inside a closed enclosure like a mobile home.

  1. Materials used for home building

Always build a mobile home with standard and quality materials which prevent the easy spreading of fire. Never compromise on the quality of materials.

  1. Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance Ireland is compulsory and it might save a lot of anxiety in case of a fire accident. Similar to caravan insurance, mobile home insurance has a lot of benefits and buying Insurance is very important for every mobile homeowner in Ireland. 


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