A person wants to buy a second-hand car for its cost. One can buy a used car much lesser than a new car. The buyer of a second-hand car has a limited budget to invest in a car. Normally a used car buyer does not mind about the small damages inside or outside as long as the engine is good. If the buyer is lucky he might get a sparingly used car, which happens so if he/she is patient enough to wait for the right car.

A buyer of used should go for the following procedures before investing on a second-hand car.

  •       Fix your Budget

The buyer should first fix the amount he is ready to spend on a second-hand vehicle. This will make it easy for him to apply for a car loan. The price should be inclusive of accessories, minor repairs, and any other applicable service charges.

  •       Shortlist the model

There are various types of cars in the market; the buyer should shortlist the vehicle model as per his need. The budget and the model will mostly finalize the buyers need.

  •       Opt for Pre-certified cars

If the buyer does not have any knowledge about a vehicle it is better to visit a pre-certified used car showroom. The pre-certified showroom would have thoroughly checked a vehicle and corrected any repairs in the car. They also come with a short term warranty depending on the vehicle model.

  •       Have a test drive

A Test drive is very important to determine the suitability of the model for a person. He/she will get a feel about the car when they drive and they can easily identify the model needed for them. Any minor mistakes can also be identified if you are test driving a vehicle. Always test drive the vehicle both inside the city and in a field or highway to find any defect.

  •       Analyze the type of vehicle

The buyer should go through various sources to find a suitable car for his/her purpose. One can browse the net and analyze the model you like. The buyers can easily shortlist a vehicle by research and after visiting various showrooms. Reviews should be extensively gone through before shortlisting a vehicle. Always have two to three models to look for a car.

  •       Visit a mechanic of your choice

During test drive take the car for inspection to a mechanic known to you. He will surely help you to find the positives and negatives of that car. The mechanic with his experience can easily identify the internal conditions of the vehicle and the buy should always proceed further only if you get a positive report. In case of a negative report the idea of buying that particular car should be abandoned without any hesitation and avoid any compromise.

  •       Negotiate the price

The price should be bargained and can be brought down with prudent negotiation. Being a used car, the seller might come down from his quoted price if he is in urgent need of money. Go slow in bargaining for a used car and never show your eagerness to buy any vehicle.

  •       Check the vehicle papers

Check the vehicle papers with competent authorities. This will eliminate fraud if you are directly dealing with an unknown seller. Any purchase through a dealer is their risk, but direct-purchase should always be checked thoroughly. Car insurance should be checked for the owner’s name. There should not be any variation in the name of the owner and the name in the car Insurance Ireland certificate. Car Insurance in Ireland is compulsory and the buyer should thoroughly check for it.

  •       Complete the sale with the government authority

Paperwork of the vehicle should be done with the competent authorities and transfer the car immediately to avoid any complications in the future.

Any used car would have completed a part of its life when to buy it. So, always go through the procedure without any urgency and do not skip any procedures in haste. Buying a used car takes twice the time than buying a new car. Patience while buying a used car will help you to avoid any future problems.


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