I will begin my article here briefly explaining what is piles symptoms or hemorrhoids. Basically, when you see the symptoms below, you may be suffering from hemorrhoids build up.

  • Anal itching
  • Anal pain especially when you are sitting
  • Toilet paper, blood on the stool
  • Feel pain during bowel movements
  • Hump ​​near the anus
  • Pain during constipation

In fact, there are many Piles Home Remedies Food available

Cream or ointment for the relaxation of tissues to emboss tissue. This can help relieve pain and inflammation. This method only gives you temporary relief and can never be treated with 

100% hemorrhoids cure.

  • Use a stool softener.
  • Heat treatment to reduce internal hemorrhoids.
  • Surgery batteries to remove batteries.
  • Although the treatment of hemorrhoids above can relieve hemorrhoids, this is only a temporary solution, but there is no permanent treatment for hemorrhoids. The piles will probably occur.

Piles Home Remedies Food for hemorrhoids actually help permanently eliminate piles or hemorrhoids. This should be a natural way. In this article, I will simply list some remedies that can actually attack the root cause of hemorrhoids.

Piles Home Remedies

You must have good bowel health before you can take effective treatment. Drink plenty of water and a high fiber diet can damage your intestinal system. It is a natural treatment to soften the stool to prevent constipation. Constipation is the biggest enemy of hemorrhoids

Avoid sitting for long periods of time. This can create pressure on the floor and aggravate hemorrhoids.

Avoid food

Avoid overeating processed foods. As you know, some fiber supplements on the market are well treated. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consume natural fibers from fruits or vegetables.

  • Make sure to eat slowly. By eating slowly, you can enjoy dishes in a good mood. In the meantime, your intestines work well.
  • Some Chinese herbs can help heal hemorrhoids.
  • Do not overdo it.
  • Take a stroll after your meal to promote good digestion.
  • Do not be angry and stress yourself easily. Your body can not do any healing process until the feeling is positive.

If you have piles or hemorrhoids, you must start taking steps to get rid of them. Remember that hemorrhoids will never go away without proper treatment. I believe that natural methods should be the most effective way to cure hemorrhoids permanently.

I was once a patient with hemorrhoids. I am grateful that I no longer need hemorrhoids. The method of nature really helped me heal my batteries. More importantly, it is safe and effective.