Surrender to the temptation of food!

When you’re following a diet, one of the most common mistakes you commit, when you surrender to the temptation of food and spoiling your diet in a certain meal, is the immediate feeling that there is no need to keep your diet for the rest of the day, due to the non-application of it in that meal!

Here lies the problem! If you rely on this idea, then you will continue in the remaining days, and you’ll have an argument to spoil the diet. Therefore, I advise you to allocate one day a week to eat what you want, in order to prevent breaching the diet and invoke perseverance in the next day.

Eat diet-related food!

When the visitors to nutrition clinics been asked about their desire to lose excess weight, it is noted that they unanimously stress their eagerness to buy all kind of food that labeled as “Low-fat, or Low-sugar”, but unfortunately it does not achieve the intended purpose and they find themselves eating more food. Nutrition experts proved that food labeled as “Low-fat, or Low-sugar” does not make you feel satisfied or filled as expected, to find a full reverse result: more food eating greedily!

Calories Monitoring!

When following a diet with perseverance, one of noticeable things, which is one of the most important factors that spoil your diet, is your continuous mania to calculate the calories in each meal you have, instead of concerning about the type of the eaten food. For instance, when we say that the daily limit of calories is 1800 cal., in case you intake less than that number, you find yourself eating more food arguing that you did not exceed the required limit.

Omission of some meals intentionally!

Many women are frustrated when they find that their weight is increasing, although they omit some daily meals or light meals “Snacks”. So that idea should be corrected by not eating snacks, since it will not lead to lose weight, but the opposite is true. Eating snacks every four hours increases the rate of digestion, and gives you the energy needed throughout the day as well.

Fearing the Hunger!

Feeling hungry is the ghost that threatens those who follow a diet, since many of them are always complaining of their concern of feeling hungry, leading them to eat more food. To be on the right path, firstly get rid of such wrong thoughts, and you should know that feeling hungry means that your digestive system is healthy and the process of food digestion is going well. However, in case you do not feel hungry when eating any of the daily meals or snacks during the day, it means that you have a sluggishness in the digestion process or you eat early and you did not feel hungry anymore.

Further, you should ask yourself “What will happen if I felt hungry, although I have my daily meals on the diet program?”. The answer will be very simple: Eating a snack, it will do well! Do not worry and overload things more than it can bear.

A snack dinner

Did you back home from work one day late for lunch time, and felt hungry terribly to the point that you run to the fridge and eat everything you see?, Certainly, you’ve encountered such situation! We often feel severe pressure or hunger in the night making us fully unaware about what we’ve already eaten to find that the dinner has exceeded 1000 calories! I advise you to be very cautious, especially in the dinner. You should divide your meal as follows: one half of fresh vegetables, a quarter of proteins and a quarter of all cereals.

Omission of Breakfast

Some people omit breakfast; either for not feeling hungry in the beginning of the day, or for the desire to decrease the calories in the beginning of the day. Here lies the problem! You eat more food throughout the day, depending on your feeling of hunger, while the rate of digestion will be lesser without the breakfast.

The information contained within is not intended to provide specific physical or mental health advice, or any other advice whatsoever.

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