Tips To Keep Your Tile Floor Looking Great


Everyone wants their flooring – especially their tile flooring – to look as nice as possible. If the tiles are allowed to remain dirty, or if the grout begins to crack and fall apart, then it won’t look as impressive as it once did. In order to have floors that are worth showing off, you’ll need to follow these tips from dallas tile.

Sweep and Even Vacuum Your Floors Regularly
If you really want to make your floor shine, then you need to keep it clean. This involves sweeping it regularly, at least two to four times a week, in order to get any dirt and dust off of it. If your tile has a textured surface, this debris can cling to it. You don’t want that. Instead, sweep the floor gently, without beating it with the broom. You can vacuum the tiles, as long as your current sweeper has a tile or wood floor setting. Don’t use one with a beater bar, since that will lead to scratched tiles.

Stop Dirt Before It Comes In
Ideally, you want to prevent the dirt from building up on your tile floor. This means that you’ll need to place some mats right inside your door and encourage your guests to take off their shoes and either use slippers or walk around in their socks. You won’t have to worry about dirt on the tile, because it never made its way into your kitchen. Any mats or rugs located in the entryway (you can even put some heavy duty mats on the outside of the door) will help as well. They’ll catch mud and dirt right there.

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Wipe Up Those Spills
The second anything spills on your floor, stop what you’re doing – even if you’re in the middle of cooking dinner – and clean it up. Use a soft rag or a paper towel to soak up any liquids, or to pick up any dropped food items, like raw ground beef or vegetables. If you leave these things on the tiles for too long, they might leave behind a stain.

Don’t Drag Things Across the Tiles
Did you know that extremely heavy items can crack or scratch your floor from dallas tile? They can, so you need to be careful. If you’re having new appliances installed, insist that the workers place the appliances on furniture gliders. Otherwise, they might get dragged across the floor, causing plenty of damage. You need to minimize harm.

Repair Any Damage Right Away
Speaking of damage, if you end up with a scratched or cracked tile, you need to repair it immediately. This might involve prying out and replacing the tile with a new one, buffing out any minor scratches, and even removing scuff marks that seem to have embedded themselves on the tile.

The sooner you take care of this damage, the sooner your floor will begin to look great again. That’s everyone’s goal, right? To have kitchen floors that they are proud of.


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