Tips For Creating A Solid Marital Settlement Agreement

marital settlement agreement

Going through a divorce is never a simple process. To get through it, each person will need to be civil with the other. It is important to compromise where you are able to and stand up for what you believe in. With the help of a reputable lawyer from a local law firm such as the one found at, you and your spouse can easily have a marital settlement agreement Tampa drawn up that will make both of you happy.

Begin With The Basics

To begin, you need to gather all of the necessary legal forms to get started with the divorce settlement agreement. If you choose to hire the help of a lawyer, they may be able to give you these forms themselves. Be sure to fill out these forms as best as possible and not make any mistakes.

Confirm With Lawyer

Once you and your spouse have filled out the necessary paperwork for the settlement agreement, have your lawyers go over the paperwork and ensure they have been filled out correctly. Each spouse will also have to agree to the terms stated from the other party. When everything is agreed upon, it will become an uncontested divorce. Lastly, you will both have to confirm your agreement and have the paperwork signed with witnesses present.

List Specifics

The main idea behind a marital settlement agreement is dividing your debts and assets between each of you. Typically speaking, anything you or your spouse own before getting married remain separate from the marriage. Any debts or assets acquired during the marriage will have to be divided equally or as stated by both parties. Average couples will have lots of debts and assets to be divided.

These are just a few of the top tasks that need to be dealt with when coming up with a marital settlement agreement. To ensure everything is done correctly, it is important to consult with a lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to get you through the process quickly. For some spouses, getting the marital settlement agreement figured out is the hardest part of going through a divorce.

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