Suppose you have bought premium tyres for your car, thinking that it will perform excellently on the roads. The retailer has sold it to you saying you will see the braking distance reduced significantly with the use. But, when you apply your brakes, the car had no effect and travelled more than when fitted with the standard tyres. You can’t blame your tyres this time; it is the brakes that were at fault. Brakes are always overlooked until they are worn out to a level that it becomes challenging to stop your car.

Our experts, here at Trade Price Tyres, recommend you not to wait for the time to come where you have to compromise with your safety. You should ensure to get them checked with the regular maintenance of your car.

The most common problem with the brakes are their pads. Pads are the element made of rubber that comes in contact with the rotor and stops the vehicle in the process. A normal pad lasts for a ride in between 30000 to 70000 miles, and after that, they get exhausted, and you have to get them replaced after that.

Modern cars come with advanced sensors that can easily decipher that something is wrong with the parts of your vehicle and reflect it through the related warning lights on the dashboard of your car.

The Lights

When the warning lights are on for your braking system, don’t ignore it. The most common reasons for your brake warning lights to be on are hydraulics failure or low brake fluids. If you see the similar problems with your brake when the light is on, get your brakes repaired with an expert. Because sometimes the nameless little things can lead to more significant challenges on the road.

Strange Sounds

Sounds like the squeaking of brakes, and grinding are never a good sign for the components of your brakes. When you hear a grinding noise coming from your brakes after the application, it generally means that your brake pads are worn out and demands replacing, whereas the squeaking sound points to the rusting or bending of the rotor.

Spongy Pedal

Have you ever faced something just like a spongy pedal? If you put your feet on the spongy pedal, you feel that it is loose and easily pressed with the leg. In this case, your hydraulics are failing to perform for your brake system. You can get them checked at any of the local servicing centres.

If you are facing any of the mentioned problems with your brakes then don’t worry, just bring your car to us. Our experts are known to provide quick and efficient Brake Repair Newport that will get you back on the road with high levels of safety.