The Gorgeous Cake Decoration Ideas You Will Love


Not only the venue decoration, the ambiance and the variety of food can stun your guests, but even the cake can turn your special day into an event to remember. You can decorate a cake with many ideas such as flowers, paints, fruits, cookies, and many more. It is all about innovation and doing something different. Are you ready to explore the new world of decorated cakes? If your answer is in a Yes, this is a must-read for you. Cake decoration trends are moving at a fast pace like fashion trends. We are here presenting the latest cake decoration ideas that we are sure would sound amazing. Send online cakes in Delhi to your loved ones for all occasions.

Marbled Cakes

Marbling on cakes looks visually appealing. Marbling or watercolor effect can be achieved by marbelizing the traditional plain white fondant cake with edible icing colors. It is a standard procedure used in galaxy cake and mermaid cake.

Go Floral

Have you ever thought of an idea to incorporate fresh flowers into cakes? Adding floral notes of flowers such as roses, lavenders, chamomile, fuchsia, marigolds, hibiscus, etc. not only beautify the cakes but also add aesthetic meaning to them. Floral additions can rock occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine day, Father day, Mother day, etc.

Figurines on the cake

Figurines look very beautiful as toppers. These tend to enhance the entire look of cakes. Like for a wedding cake, the couple might go for the bride, groom, or hearts on top. While for kids’ birthdays small plastic dolls, toy cars, animals, cartoon figures can be the preferred choices.

Lace Inspired Cakes

Laces have been adding grace to the outfits for years. After fabrics, the laces have hunted cakes as their new destination to add beauty and design. Lace designs look more beautiful on tiered cakes. Lacework over cakes brings a classy and royal look to the cakes. You can also go creative by matching the lace on the cake with your wedding or reception gown. Sounds quite interesting!

Chocolate-Fruit Fiesta

Give a fruity touch to the cake. Garnish topmost layer of your favorite chocolate cake with berries-blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, red/black grapes, cherries, kiwis, that are not just anti-oxidant rich but also add beautiful colors to the cake making it more tempting. The top of the chocolate cake is garnished and centered with a circle of chocolate-covered fruits drizzled with white chocolate. Going with seasonal fruits could be the best idea.

Crunchy-Chewy Textures

If you want to give rich, vibrant color and texture to the top of the cake scatter sprinkles, nuts, chocolate curls, shavings, chips, or chunks, caramels, and candy over it and along the sides of the cake.

So we saw how different decoration ideas could turn plain cakes more visually appealing. You can decorate cakes to mark a special celebration like a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion or festivals — order for the most delicious cake delivery. We are pioneers in online birthday flowers, cakes, and gifts for all occasions, events and ceremonies.

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