There are many people all over the world who buy sisal carpet. Globally, sisal carpet ranks first amongst the most sold carpet all around. You can also search in Google the best natural fiber carpet and in the list of best carpets, sisal carpet is one of them. You can get these carpets online also and you can decorate your home with this beautiful carpet under your feet. Before you buy these carpets it is very important for you to know certain facts about these carpets, like how it is made and its advantages and disadvantages. Sisal carpet is made from natural plant which is known as Cactaceae. These carpets look uniquely beautiful and stunning and they are very environment friendly. Sisal carpets are very strong and durable, since it is made from sisalana plant which is mostly found in the parts of Mexico, Africa, America, and Asia etc. Sisal carpets are ecological carpets.

Scientific & Medicinal Advantages of Sisal Carpets –

Sisal carpets are sustainable in any environment and very much durable. They are 100% biodegradable. Sisal carpets are very much known for their durability and people most of the time prefers to place a sisal carpet under the dining table. There are various movement areas, high movement areas, low movement areas and medium movement areas. Sisal carpets can be placed in high and medium movement areas. Sisal carpets are long lasting one. If you are suffering from any kind of allergies then the best is to use sisal carpets which will help in easing the allergies. Its natural fiber and pungent smell are very medicinal. Though, you will get no smell in the carpet, but it has certain medicinal properties which gets mixed with air and spreads the healing. Sisal carpet is also known for being anti-static, which means that it can control humidity. It also provides natural sound insulation, which means it can bar sounds between any two locations. So, now if you place a Sisal carpet in your home, you can sleep peacefully, as the sound and commotions will be automatically barred by its mass fiber which blocks the receptors.

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Color of the Sisal Carpet & Changes –

Sisal carpets are made naturally which means that there is no use of artificial colors and there is no use of chemicals. So, now you can stop your worry about your carpet getting faded. This is not going to happen with sisal carpet. There will only be a subtle color change in the carpet which will make it look more unique. It’s called blending of colors of sisal. This mostly happens as the properties of the sisal carpet get mixed with air there is change in the composition of the fiber in the carpet, which in turn changes the color. Sisal carpet can also work like a exfoliate under your feet and it feels pleasant to walk on the sisal carpet. Hybrids like sisal wool are becoming very popular in the market these days.

Avoid the Use of Sisal In –

You should avoid using sisal in wet areas, the areas which are most of the time wet, like the kitchen, lavatory. Nor should you place sisal carpet immediately after a room is moped.