Sesame seeds are said to work magic if you are experiencing chronic health issues. If you want to start a healthy life, incorporate sesame in your diet today! These small black, brown or white sesame seeds also take care of your skin and hair. These are known for their innumerable nutritional and medicinal properties. Did you know that sesame, known as Til, is the most ancient food on earth.

Hulled Sesame
When sesame seeds are harvested, they have a seed coat or hull to protect them. After they are plucked out, the seed coat or hull is removed before they hit the market. The hulled sesame seeds or the sesame with their hulls removed are consumed in the country however the ones with their hulls are consumed in Japan and United States.

Sesame seeds are the healthiest of all the oilseeds, whether it’s hulled or un-hulled. Come, let’s check them in detail.

The hull of sesame contains bran which is a rich source of insoluble fibre. When this hull or seed cap is removed the bran is lost. However with or without hull, sesame seeds stand as the healthiest of all! The main seed is a rich source that your daily diet needs to make you healthy and strong.

Be it calcium, iron, magnesium or phosphorus, sesame has it all. But compared to hulled sesame seeds, the ones with a seed cap have more mineral content. They help in building strong bones and muscles, give you strength and stamina and is good for growth and development of babies and also good for expecting mothers.

Un-hulled sesame seeds are said to contain more thiamine and vitamin B-6 than the ones with seed coats, however the ones without hull are rich in Vitamin E. So, if you are looking forward to improve your skin and hair, start including hulled sesame in your diet.

With or without hull, sesame seeds are undoubtedly the healthiest. They are rich in antioxidants which help in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol, improves blood flow, maintains heart health and also improves digestion. Did you know, that sesame seeds can decompose harmful substances in alcohol as well? This means, sesame seeds are good for your liver as well.

Immune System
Being rich in iron, calcium and magnesium, sesame seeds help to strengthen your immune system and regulate blood circulation.

Fights Cancer
Sesame is also known to have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Healthy fats
Sesame are known to regulate cholesterol, while hulled sesame seeds have a better content of unsaturated fat necessary for a healthy diet.

Dishes where Hulled Sesame Seeds are used
Hulled sesame seeds are used as a garnish. You may sprinkle them on the snacks or you may have them with noodles. The nutty and crunchy yet a slight bitterly taste works wonders to make your cuisine delightful. You may top your breads and burgers with white hulled sesame seeds. They just add that extra edge to your food and keep you asking for more! You may choose to mix them in salads as well. If you have tasted sweets from til, you already know how amazing they taste like til laddu and til barfi.

Make sure that you buy hulled sesame seeds from premium manufacturers and exporters to ensure that the quality standards are met. Also buy them in small quantity since they become rancid due to their rich oil content. Even though the hulled ones are slightly lower in nutritional content than the wholesome ones, yet they are no less in providing the necessary nutrition for your healthy life and fit body.

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