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A remanufactured engine is an engine which is overhauled by the original engine builder and with the exception of the cylinder bore, the factory’s new tolerance has been brought back. All the new parts are used. The engine is considered as a new because of its no usage history. Within the factory tolerance, there may be an engine boundary line.

Getting a remanufactured engine is actually better than receiving a new engine for several reasons. The remanufactured engine comes with all new and updated internal parts that are either modified or inspected. There are a number of new parts inside a remanufactured engine like pistons, rings, crankshaft, pushrods, cylinder head, camshaft, lifters, timing chain, timing gear and many more.

How Remanufactured Engine made

Remanufactured engines are also known as renovated engines because they travel from a long process of reconditioning. A remanufactured engine is made closely to new as much as possible. Replacement parts are new or refurbed necessary to meet exact standards and tolerance. The specifications used by the test manufacturer and the original production standards are done.

It includes engine experts and professional mechanics, who, using their expertise, reconnects the bad parts of the engines. There is a long term process from making to deliver a remanufactured engine to you.

As the starting point, the first stage involves the separation of the engine from the car, which necessarily means that the engine has been completely removed from the car. Then it is divided into parts to analyze it well. To get rid of the dirt, used grease and oil all the parts are systematically cleaned.

In the second phase, the engine enters the scope of reconditioning. This is an important step because different parts of the engine are tested for defects. After doing these tests, the engine specialists fix the damaged parts and change the faulty parts to the new ones. With it, the surface of these parts is refined to reduce the force of friction between them.

Then the third phase begins, in which parts of the engine have to be re-included. Highly skilled engine mechanics use state-of-the-art technology and automatic machinery to collect every part of the engine with the utmost care. They also keep in mind OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards and guidelines in terms of engine tolerance.

In the fourth and final stage, engineers run continuity and power tests and support the performance and efficacy of the rebuilt engine. The engine would not go to market for sale until it passes all the tests. In view of the circumstances, the remanufactured engines come with a heftier price tag compared to other replacement engines.

Benefits of Remanufactured Engines

Today, with the improvement in the quality of body and chassis, it comes in economic understanding to choose for a remanufactured engine. In fact, a remanufactured engine, sometimes, can score a new one on these fronts. 

Complete long block engines with all necessary machining, crankshaft, connecting rod, all-new rod bearing, main bearings, piston, ring, soft plug, camshaft and timing etc. All brand new important components have been getting from the OEM and meet the prescribed specifications.

The remanufactured engine can be a more budget-friendly alternative than a full replacement for a new engine. Remanufactured engines come in the market with up to dated version at cheap prices. Nobody wants to run a 90’s old version on their current model car. Will you buy 1995 model-new engine for your vehicle while you have a golden opportunity to get a modified version in cheap prices than the new engine? We know you don’t want.

Remanufactured engines will not only be good as a basic, in many cases it will be better. Handmade with the best tools available, claim that the remanufactures, these engines have been made for more accurate standards than the original.

A remanufactured engine is also beneficial for our surrounding environment because it takes less energy than the new engine while manufacturing. Because the recycling of waste materials does not produce in the maximum amount. Which is beneficial for the earth and us. 


With the best prices on remanufactured engines, you can also get the best warranties on it. Different companies have their own policies some provide three months warranties, some provide six months and some provide one year warranty on their engines. But don’t worry about the conditions, you will surely get the engine in good condition and it last long.

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