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The era of CDs and DVDs and ports has obliviated and its place has been taken by much efficient and skillful devices or the USB extension cable India.

The USB or Universal Serial Bus was designed to upgrade the connection between two personal computers and its peripheral devices. It is an industry standard used for the definition of cable, connectors and protocols for not only connection but also communication and power supply. And because it plays a dual role of communicator and charger, it gained immense popularity in no time and became commonplace on a wide range of devices.

What Is A USB?

A Universal Service Bus is a host consisting of more than one downstream ports and several peripherals.  A USB host may have multiple controllers, each with one or more ports, linked in series through hubs. The hub of the host controller is the foot hub.


Co -invented by Ajay Bhatt of Intel and USB-IF, in 1994, the organization comprises of the kings such as Intel, Microsoft, Apple, LSI, Compact and Hewlett-Packard.

Types of USB

There are many types of USB which can be further divided into physical design and functionality.

This category is divided into three types A, B and C.

The slot where one end of the usb extension cable India is attached to the computer or the host is called a port while the device you wish to transfer data or charger is named as the receptor.

The most popularity type is a type which goes inside the computer or the host.

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The type B is the one which is used to connect a peripheral device such as a smartphone.

Type C is similar to type B with the advantage of reverse plug orientation which support USB 3.1 and offers a top speed of 10GBps with much higher output up to 20 volts and 5 Amperes. Also it has bi directional power.


  • A single USB host controller can be connected to a maximum of 127 peripheral devices.
  • USB extension cable india0 has a speed limited of 480Mbps
  • An individual cable can reach up to 5metres without a hub and 40 meters with a hub.
  • It sects as a plug and play
  • It can draw power by its own supply from a computer.
  • It used power up to 5 voltages and delivers up to 500mA.
  • It has the capacity to change to sleep mode when a computer turns into power saving mode.
  • It is a hot swappable device- easily detected by the operating system and can disconnected anytime.


  • Single interface for multiple uses- removes the need for different connectors and hardware for different peripherals.
  • Compact in size- sockets are small in dimension as compared to parallel ports. No external power is needed.
  • Speed- comes with various speed modes making it more efficient than parallel ports.
  • Low cost- as the product is in high demand, manufacturing USB supporting devices has become inexpensive, its raw materials are available at low cost.
  • Reliability – able to detected errors during data transfer, the USB driver and specific driver software ensures error-free data communication. Also it can notify and retransmit the data.
  • Low power consumption – generally works on +5V and consumes current in miliamperes.
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