When you’re in alignment with the desires in your heart, things will eventually work out. You just need to be positive and work towards it and not give up. Maintain a balance and keep your mind focused to maintain alignment with your thoughts and you should be able to cruise through the obstacles in your life. Whereas, a lit bit of diversion and loss of alignment can disturb your focus and balance and create issues. Life is a race, that too a bicycle one. You need to keep going to both, achieve your dreams and desires, and to also not lose your balance. Going too slow isn’t wise either, you’ll lose balance in your life as well as the race.

Alignment is not only needed in your life, to focus and keep going, but also for your ride to your destiny. Your car is something that depends a lot on the alignment of its wheels and steering, and how good their coordination is. A little bit deviation from the required angle results in further more damage, over time. In this article, we’ve covered up all the causes and effects that misalignment can have on your car and you.

What is Wheel Alignment?

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The arrangement of the wheels of your car and a centralised steering wheel is known as wheel alignment. This alignment is necessary for all the tyres to work together and not undergo any extra pressure. The angles between the wheels, axles, and the steering are set in such a way that all of them, and hence the car, moves to the desired direction, together.

Causes of Misalignment

Misalignment is something very easy to acquire and equally easy to solve. You can have misaligned wheels if you have hit a curb too hard, driven on top of potholes or even hitting something on the road. Minor fender bending issues also result in misaligning your wheels.

Misalignment, as mentioned above, can cause difficulty when driving and might make it difficult to control and steer the car. If your car seems to have a pull towards a certain direction, when you leave the steering straight, then your car might have an alignment issue. One has to apply extra effort to keep a misaligned car from drifting to one side and rather keep it going straight.


Out of place things have out of place consequences. A misaligned car can be very tiring to deal with and can cause extensive damage over time. Some of the effects of misaligned wheels are:

  • Uneven Tyre Wear: Misaligned tyres do not work together, hence the misaligned tyre(s) is dragged while others go together. These can cause extra and uneven wearing on tyres and possibly result in tyre bursts, tyre separation or accidents as well. You’re losing the life of your tyres day by day, therefore hurry off to Jackson MOT, and get this issue solved in one visit.
  • Reduction in Fuel Efficiency: Extra load on tyres results in extra load on the engine as well. The engine then consumes more fuel to keep the misaligned wheels going and thus reducing fuel efficiency.
  • Suspension Issues: Misaligned tyres can damage your suspension system. A faulty suspension system can be even more harmful in both, for health as well as for the wallet, ways. The more you delay this, the more you’ll pay.
  • Steering Difficulty: When cruising at high speeds, misalignment can mess you up big time. The slightest of loss in control might result not just harmful, but possibly life-taking. The pull, that misaligned wheels have in a certain direction, can be very difficult to control at high speeds. One should, first of all, avoid driving a misaligned car, but even if you do have one, it isn’t wise to test your need for speed.

It is through the alignment of the body that you can find your self and intelligence in life. And, it is through the alignment of your car that you’ll find stability and safety in your drives. Ignore something so important and you’re sure to face the consequences of your negligence. Keep your car in the best condition and you’ll never to worry about being troubled out of the blue. If you have any queries related to wheel alignment Northampton or need assistance with car repair Northampton, contact our experts at Jackson MOT. Our experienced professionals will provide you with the best and the quickest solution to your issues. Trust us once and you’ll never go to anyone else.