Microsoft is one of the leading tycoons in the domain of Information Technology and has played a key role in taking technology to the masses across the globe. The most recent announcement made by Microsoft about Microsoft Office suite for Windows and Mac is making buzz all over the world.

Released on 24 September 2018, the update is specially designed for enterprises and consumers that have not opted for Microsoft office 365 services with monthly feature updates.

The key difference between Microsoft 2019 and office 365
Here is the main difference, Office 2019 is a one-time purchase, and the user will not get any feature updates after buying the software. Some standard security and quality update will be there but there will be no updates related to new tools or functionality updates. The minimum requirement is Windows 10 to operate Office 2019 on their computer.

On the other hand, Office 365 is a subscription-based purchase. Office 365 is powered by Microsoft Cloud and need more collaborative and up-to-date features. The main focus of Microsoft was on office 365 in the cloud. However, the tech giant has also shifted its focus to analyze the response of the market, that not everybody is willing and ready to make that switch. Hence they decided to launch the Office 2019 that will fulfill the current requirements of the industry.

What’s new in Office 2019?

When it comes to data management and analysis, Excel still remains supreme. All the users who are familiar with Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote for real-time collaboration, they must be immediately familiar with the Excel version too. Because working is almost the same.

Microsoft has updated contact cards, support mentions within outlook and given some features like the focused inbox.

They added improved zoom capabilities, easily manageable 3D images with the program and enhanced roaming pencil case features.

This has some of the biggest updates. Microsoft has announced this is separate note that it combines OneNote 2016 best features with Windows 10 usability. Features like ink-to-text improved the syncing and improved the user experience.

Microsoft word has a new black theme. The features like a learning tool, text-to-speech are also introduced. There are many usability improvements are given in MS Word.

Final Verdict!
For all the users of Office 365 with a monthly subscription, your apps will be updated with the new features after the release Office 2019. The update is designed for the businesses. The first companies to get access to Office 2019 are those that pay for a commercial volume license. Then it will be open for the consumer also.

Our final note about Office 2019 that there is a chance that this will be a final perpetual (pay one time) version of Office and after that office will be completely subscription based like Office 365. Microsoft expects to continue evaluating customer needs and industry trends to determine a plan for the future version of its products and services.

About Author: Rajnikant is working as Developer in Aegis Infoways – A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation and Dynamics 365 Development Services.