There are many questions that never get single correct answers till now. Say, what is better- Windows or linux, C# or Java, etc. The same is with the selection of the best scala web application development IDE – which is best –eclipse or Intellij IDEA.

A lot of debate is going on over this topic which of them includes more number of plugins, shortkeys, and other features. There are many points that differentiate between these IDEs and make it difficult to decide which is the most significant to use.

This makes people to believe that both IDEs are equal in their capabilities, and selecting the one above other is just a matter of taste.

Experts do not believe that it is a matter of taste and they think there are objective reasons that will explain the matter well.

Why Intellij IDEA Is Better Scala Development IDE Than Eclipse

In this post, we are not going to explain small points like plugins or shortcuts- you can find them on other blogs. We are going to discuss one key difference between IDEA and Eclipse.

IDEA is steeper as it feels context. This is what JetBrains experts mean when they call IDEA intelligent. This means IDEA indexes the entire project, does analyses of everything and creates the syntax tree. Every time you move the cursor, IDEA tracks you and knows where you are and what can be done there.

Here we got an example to explain the scene


In debugging process, developers often want to evaluate some expression to determine its value. In Eclipse, they need to select this expression. It becomes necessary to select the whole expression to let the Eclipse evaluate it. To see the expression value, press Ctrl+Shift+I.

This does not happen with IDEA. Developers don’t need to select anything with IDEA. They just need to put cursor at any point into your expression and press Alt+F8. IDEA will show a dialog window and suggest several possible variants for your expression automatically. Developers can also edit and instantly evaluate the expression of this dialog. It is very convenient.


Scala developers and programmers are able to be productive by leveraging refactorings offered by their IDE. All latest IDE are offering impressive set of refactorings. But IDEA refactorings realize what they want, and provide distinct options which are ideal for most situations.

Intellij IDEA is better than Eclipse. IDEA is better in terms of objective. It allows scala development community to instantly and conveniently write and alter the code, suggests apt names, and determines the apt methods. IDEA never lets them to select the expressions and presumes what they want to do and how they wanted to name it.

If you wish to have pretty icons, IDE for C++, platform for developing desktop apps, then Eclipse will work fine. But for serious java developers, IDEA would be the convenient and fast tool to consider.

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