Digital Prints unfolds a whole new era of creativity! On textiles, papers, leather, plastics, rubbers etc. digital prints have been incorporated everywhere. So if you are willing to explore the digital prints and implement them in your business or project, let’s get started with the fact that these digital prints are possible with only digital printing inks.

These inks allow you to imprint the patterns and designs of any intensity and complexity with amazing clarity. Also, when it comes to printing digitally on paper, the digital inkjet ink is infused into the printers for high grade prints. What you should remember is always consult one of the leading and trusted brands of digital printing ink exporters so that you get the best quality ink which produces intense and bright prints which will not fade away with washes or exposure to heat.

10 Reasons why you should use Digital Printing Ink – Digital printing inks are better than conventional ones and the reasons can be summarized as below:

If you choose to use digital inks for printing on papers, make sure they are digitally certified papers only, like that of HP Indigo. All printers which use digital inks are not compatible with non-certified digital papers. But these papers are of better quality.

Quality of Imprints
The quality of prints using the digital printing inks provides better clarity and intense prints with consistent shades.

With digital printing inks, printing is quite faster and easier. There are no hassles of mixing colours of inks to produce the deep and intense shade. This also means that the digital prints are achieved faster than the conventional ones.

There are no set up costs involved. Also, inline finishing like binding like saddle stitch, perfect bound or wire binding are also possible with digital printing inks as they produce a clarity like no other, hence costs and turnaround times are reduced.

Short runs
Digital printing inks help with printing of smaller and medium quantities of 1-1000 units!

With digital prints, you can always incorporate shades, shadows and other special effects quite easily, which would have required lot of effort otherwise.

Environment friendly
Digital printing inks are environment friendly in nature as there is no waste product generated and that it uses very less amount of water.

Helpful for Last minute jobs
Since digital printing inks can be used and designs incorporated with the help of computers only, you can request for a minor change at the last moment on your computer and make it effective on the substance you are printing on!

The benefits of digital printing inks are a below, irrespective of usage on textiles, papers or any other substances:

  • Compatible with all fabrics
  • Intense and bright hued colours
  • Sharp outlines
  • Wash resistant prints

Every day a new style, a new pattern or design is introduced with textiles and fashion! The digital printing inks have allowed the level of creativity and innovation in the textiles to broaden and widen! So consult the leading digital printing ink exporters now. Don’t forget to check that it is quality checked and comply with the quality standards. All you need is creativity and a computer!

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