Acne and pimples are dreadful, especially if they keep recurring. And since they are recurring in most of the cases, they have becomes very common among men. Plus, keeping in mind the fact that men spend less time on personal grooming makes them prone to skin problems like dead skin, dirt and pollutants clogging and acne breakout.

Many people imagine having a blemish-free face but only with the help of a cabinet full of medicines. However, getting to the desired flawless skin is not reduced to a high dose of medicines and injections every now and then. There are many effective ways to treat acne breakout naturally, without driving a surgical strike on the face.

Here are the most effective way to get rid of acne on your face.

Know the basic causes of acne

There are many reasons for the cause of acne. The primary reason is the genetics. But besides that, there are many things that act as the catalyst. As for an example, when we are very frequent outdoor, with the sun beating down on the skin and the pollution layering over us, the skin pores are clogged with dirt. This is one of the earliest cause of acne and pimples.

Then again, if our skin is very oily, the excess oil secretion blocks the skin pores. Hence, besides making our face look greasy and dull, it also causes the dreaded skin problems.

Ways to get rid of acne problems

There are many proven effective ways to get rid of skin problems. However, they are not very difficult to perform and also does not include a lot of medicinal products.

Keep your face dirt-free

One of the primary causes of acne and pimples is the dirt that we have on the face after a long day outdoors. The pollution, combined with the overactive sebaceous glands, make life difficult. Hence, keeping the face clean and clear would make a huge difference.

This means, washing your face often (at least twice a day) with a good charcoal face wash would do the trick.

And oil-free too!

If you have a very oily skin, you may have to work very hard to keep the skin problems away. Oil secretion reaches an extreme level when the sebaceous glands are very active in producing sebum.

If you have such a skin type, you should take special care. Avoid indulging in oily diet, use products that are meant for oily skin, wash your face regularly. A charcoal face wash is probably the best product for the initial days of your oil control regime.


Skin problems also occur when we have a lot of dead skin cells accumulated on the face. It is highly recommended to use a face scrub once a week so that you can get rid of the dead skin cells and also the blackheads that look really nasty.

You can buy many good products from the market store or online. Preferably, if you are looking to start the self-care treatment regime, look for a good product like the Charcoal Face Scrub with Lemongrass & Eucalyptus.

It is not too late yet

If you are fed up with having the dull and oily skin, with acne and pimples, it’s time to adopt a better self-care routine. This will not only help you get rid of the skin problems but will also get you a glowing face.

However, if you still do not wish to use ready-made products, you can get many ingredients with which you can prepare home remedies and start with the regime.

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