Social media dangers are one of the huge concerns for parents. On the other hand, young kids and teens are desperate to use the trendy social media apps, instant messengers and social media websites. Let’s go through the memory lane and you will get to know when you were a child you might be interested in watching movies, reading books and to spend time in playgrounds.

Nowadays, young kids and teens have grown up in the presence of bombardment of the technology android cell phones and tablets in particular. Therefore, they usually get their minds in technological devices and social media or virtual worlds. Therefore, parents as a previous generation become confused and they want to see their activities to the fullest.

Why protect kids from social media dangers?


You may not be taking social media dangers seriously. Over the last few years, the online world has become hyper-sexualized world and kids and teens are used to living in it. They are harboring sexual fantasies on android using social media apps, continuously breaching their privacy to strangers, using online dating apps, visits adult websites, getting involved in uncommitted sexual activities and last but not the least becomes the victims of cyber predators such as cyberbullies, stalkers, and sexual predators.

Furthermore, teens are breaching their privacy on their own through open profiles that include all the material related to their personal lives.

Teens are continuously grooming their sexuality through strangers to whom they talk through messages, conversations, audio-video conversations, shared photos, videos, and Voice messages. Therefore, all these concerns hare haunting parents and they are looking for ways to monitor android cell phone of kids with the android spy app.

How to use an android spy app to protect kid’s from social media dangers?

You want to protect your kids from the dark sides of the social media apps then you need to get your hands on the best phone monitoring app for android. So, you need to use your cellphone or PC for a while connected to the internet. Moreover, you should visit the official webpage of the mobile spy. Furthermore, you need to perform the following mentioned steps.

Step1: Subscribe for phone tracking app for android

First and foremost, you need to get a subscription online for the TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app. Furthermore, you will procure passcode and ID through an email. You will use the credentials in upcoming steps.

Step2: Get physical access on the target device

Now all you need to have the physical access on android and further you will be able to start the process of installation. When you have been ended up with the process of installation then activate it on a targeted device. However, if you want to track android social media activities secretly then before the activation takes the assistance of a pop –up messages that appeared on the screen and then end up with the activation process.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Use the credentials that you have got at step one and get access to the online control panel of the android spy app. Now further you can visit the tools of android phone tracking software that allow parents to monitor social media activities of kids and teens to protect them from serious threats. Let’s get to know how parents can keep themselves updated regarding social media activities in real-time to protect them from social media dangers.

Use Phone monitoring app for android tools to protect from social media dangers

Live screen recording

The end-user can get access to the android and further user can use live screen recorder tool. It enables the user to record screen in real-time and let the user record short back to back videos of the screen when target android user is using chrome, YouTube, SMS, email, social media and apply passwords. Further, you can see live recorded videos having access to the dashboard.

IM’s Logs without rooting android

You can remotely monitor the target android phone using social media messenger spy software for android and let you see logs of trendy social media apps. Users can get the logs of messages, conversations, and shared media in terms of photos, videos and Voice messages.


Parents can track all the social media apps and instant messengers’ logs without rooting android. Furthermore, parents can remotely block the internet access on target android cell phone to protect teens and kids getting involved in dangerous social media activity using the android remote controller.