Ireland is one of the costliest Europian countries to live in. Goods and services in Ireland costs are extensively high up to 25% more than the EU average. And, the sad part of this scenario is that the Government is not doing much to make this situation a little better for the Irish people.  Not everyone can afford the goods and services costing the Earth. There are people who are already hand-to-mouth and with steep prices for everything makes their livelihood difficult tasks.

Now, here we are going to discuss the reasons which are costing Ireland people a bomb and making their lives go through rough roller-coaster rides. The biggest reason for these higher costs for almost everything is that there are minimum state provisions for the services which make the Irish people turn over the Private firms. Be it for the childcare, dentists, physiotherapists, etc, everything is major handled by the commercial sector resulting in those through the roof prices.

All these services, if we compare to the other countries, are available in much more affordable rates as they have an equal number of public and private options making it a suitable affair for the people.

To add on to these expensive lifestyles is the INSURANCE. It is a known fact that in Ireland Car Insurance is a must thing for everyone who owns a car or two. And so is need of insurances related to health also. These two insurances are a must in Ireland and if we see the costs in Ireland it becomes a necessity for the people of Ireland to take such insurances. But, what pinches the most while going in for such insurances are their extravagant premium costs. Be it Car insurance or health insurance or any other insurance, as a matter of fact, the premium costs are too high that not everyone can afford it but has following the country’s law.      

It’s perturbing to know that Ireland has one of the lowest public investments when we compare it with the economies of other European countries. This sad and shocking reality is the jor cause that Ireland’s expenditure rate of GNI is just 37% and if the Government doesn’t take the required actions now the situation will get worse by 2021 making the expenditure ratio to as low as 35% of GNI.

People who own a car irrespective they are using it or not have to own a car Insurance or caravan insurance and are effectuated to pay those high premiums costing them an arm and a leg. And, then as many own a mobile home they need to get a mobile home insurance policy too.

It’s a doleful moment for a country when it’s people are every now and then cribbing and fighting to meet those expensive lifestyles irrespective of the fact that they can afford such lifestyle or not. In such times, the citizens of the country are heart-broken and wish to move to different countries to escape with unwanted high costs for almost everything.

Well, we can’t deny that there are some private companies in Ireland who think for Ireland’s citizens first and then about their profits. One such company is Britton Insurance company who is making all the possible efforts in times where almost everything costs a bomb in Ireland to offer insurance policies which might not hurt the pocket of Irish people that much.

With low tourism, high costs for everything and then even higher Insurance premium costs Britton Insurance comes with solace for the Irish people. What’s so different about Britton Insurance is that this company has no collaboration with any investment institutions or other companies. They have a policy to first scan every nook and cranny of the vehicle that needs an Insurance. They also keep in consideration the financial capability of the owner of the vehicle. On the contrary, there are those swindlers in the market, who gives those high Insurance policies to Irish people for whom the vehicle is used for just run-of-the-mill purposes.

Britton Insurance makes sure that they first compare the cost that they have quoted for the customer with other Insurance companies through a well-built software and then make the final quotation for the vehicle. They don’t just throw hefty prices on the already over-burdened shoulders of the Irish people with other expenses.

Summing up with this discussion, we can say that Ireland’s Government is not taking quick and required actions to take this situation in control, but in this time expensive time, companies like Britton Insurance is surely a “blessing in disguise” for the citizens of Ireland. Britton company helps the people with expensive lives by providing different and somewhat reasonable insurance policies then be it for Car Insurance or Caravan insurance or Mobile Home Insurance or any other which they cater to.

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