Heavy duty hinges manufacturers want you to make the best use of the space of your kitchen cabinets- inside and outside. Since the space is made to be used, here are some interesting ideas to decorate the above space of your kitchen cabinets-

Your house has several areas that seem to be begging for décor, but they tend to be slightly awkward. For instance, the walls next to the front door that open spot under the stairs. And the space above your cabinets of the kitchen.

If you want a finished look of your kitchen, you can fill the above cabinet area with stylish showpieces. You can even explore the internet and visit featured designers, bloggers, and interiors to get some idea.

  1. Display a meaningful collection

If you like collecting certain objects, and you don’t know where to put them- use your cabinets instead. The above space of the cabinet is far better to put those objects instead of the dark basement or a closet. Whoever will enter to your kitchen will naturally look upward toward your finds. It can be vases, vintage letters, and even books.

You can even use a series of pitchers filled with faux flowers to fill the empty space. Make sure that the objects are large enough to see once up high.

  1. Include nooks for storage

The above space of your cabinets can be used as an extra storage. You must use the area above your cabinets cleverly to hold baskets in order to use it as additional storage space in your kitchen. You can put small items and extra kitchen supplies in the baskets simultaneously. You can bring a set of baskets to create a uniform look. Use vertical dividers to make your space more organized and neat.

  1. Hang your vintage finds

If the space above your cabinets has huge room, you can hang items instead. Be it your family photos, mirrors, vintage cooking tools, etc. The extra wall space can be used as a wall art of almost any kind. You can even use flea market treasures to make the space look more charming.

  1. Buy some artificial plants

Unless you want to put plants on the shelves of the kitchen, you can opt for artificial plants to decorate the above space of the cabinets. It’s not an old fashioned thing. There are realistic looking faux plants available in the market that can be used to bring a current vibe to installing space. If you can manage watering real plants, you can bring some indoor plants for your kitchen space. However, make sure you give them proper care and treatment to make them survive.

  1. Cheers to gallery walls

Gallery walls are always a decorative element that adds a classic touch to any home. You can bring a group of similar style artwork and lean them against the wall to make an interesting visual.

These are some great ideas shared by heavy duty hinges manufacturers. You can think about using your kitchen spaces judicially in most appealing way.