How Can Your Business Benefit From Using A Self Storage Facility


Many businesses make the most of using a self storage facility to help free up space around their premises, hold office furniture during renovations or even run your business from a Storage unit. There are multiple reasons why you would look at a Self Storage Manchester facility as a solution for your business needs and the following list is in no way definitive. This list is compiled of our top 5 business uses for a storage facility.

1)Space, space and more space
Space is something you won’t find a shortage of at a self storage facility. Many storage facilities offer cheap affordable storage space in a safe and secure environment. For many businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to free up some space or take advantage of new and affordable space. Many businesses often use self storage to store away office furniture during a move or renovation. Some use the space to store excess or surplus stock and inventory. Whatever the reason your business needs more space you should certainly be considering self storage. Self storage is much more affordable than renting out traditional warehouse space and provides a lot of added extras for your business as well such as CCTV safety and security.

2)Run your business from here
You may be surprised to know that there is an increasingly large number of businesses that are opting to use a self storage facility as their base of operations and run the whole thing straight from a storage unit. This option is particularly great for young businesses and entrepreneurs looking to start out. Many e-commerce and online businesses will use a self storage facility to store and hold their stock as they sell it online. This allows them to keep their overheads low and free up more money for further investment. Many tradesmen use a storage facility to store tools and large building equipment and storage units have been known to be the ideal place for local charities looking to store fundraising equipment. There is a constant stream of new and innovative ways to use storage units for business so why not consider it and see how it could help your business grow?

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3)Archive and Document Storage
In an increasingly digital age, traditional documents and storage often get forgotten. The price of digital storage is constantly decreasing and becoming more and more accessible and reliable for storing valuable and important data. That being said there is still a very real need for businesses to have somewhere to store their traditional archives and documents. Many businesses are now opting to use a self storage facility to store their valuable documents because they are safe, secure, dry and reliable. For businesses looking to keep hold of valuable records without paying extortionate prices for it then a self storage unit might be the right decision.

4)Receipt and dispatch
Running your business can be hard. You are often pulled in multiple different directions and may struggle to keep up. Many self storage facilities will offer a receipt and dispatch service similar to that you would expect from a much more costly office complex. If you are storing business equipment in a storage unit or even running your business from a unit then a receipt and dispatch service is definitely something you want to look out for when choosing the right facility for you. A receipt and dispatch service will help with the logistics of items you are getting delivered both to and from your businesses. Many reception and office teams at self storage facilities will sign for your parcels on delivery and keep them safe until you get on-site or hand your parcels over to a courier for collection.

5)Office space
Something that often gets overlooked when looking at business uses for a self storage facility is the possibility of office space. Many self storage companies specialise in space and that is not limited to just storage space. A lot of storage facilities will offer out fully maintained and furbished office space on-site and their storage facility at a much cheaper rate than many larger specialist office complexes. For businesses that trade physical goods this has an added bonus of being able to store your stock on-site and have both your office and warehouse in the same location.

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Whatever the reason you may be considering using a storage unit for business use this list is just a short one. There are numerous reasons to use one and numerous ways it could help your business. The people in the best position to help you are the people at your chose storage facility. Get in touch and talk to an expert about how self storage can work for your business.

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