The only trouble with canned juices is that they are loaded with added flavors and sugars. You cannot drink sugary thing and say “I am fit and healthy.” There are some refreshing recipes that you can prepare at home and enjoy in summers. There are orange fruit drinks, herb and fruit drinks, and quenchers to soothe you in hot summers. Let’s follow these recipe ideas and make something good to drink!

  1. Orange pomegranate green tea

You don’t need an hour to prepare your orange pomegranate green tea drink. Just combine chilled tea and pomegranate juice along with some ice and orange juice in a glass. Adding lemon to the drink is your choice. Don’t stir while adding orange juice in a glass. You can give this to your kids instead of those sodas. Quantity of pomegranate juice and orange juice depends on you. Just take them in equal amount for better taste.

  1. Sparkling Lemony Orange Quencher

This is a healthy replacement of mojito since this orange drink contains fewer calories. You will need some fresh orange juice and mint leaves, pure maple syrup, and carbonated water. Add the orange juice, mint leaves and maple syrup in a glass and pour carbonated water. Garnish a few half slices of lemon to the glass for presentation.

  1. Orange Strawberry Lemonade

Use your blender to puree strawberries. Add orange juice and little honey to the puree and blend again. You can use sieve to remove the pulp from this drink. Pour this half juice into a jug and add slices of lemon. Fill the rest jug with chilled water. Do not completely fill the jug. Half gallon orange strawberry lemonade is enough. You can even use some strawberry slices for garnishing your drink.

  1. Beet and orange juice

This is nothing fancy but completely healthy and toning drink for summers. You can blend beetroot and add orange juice to prepare this beautiful drink recipe. Add black salt if you like it salty along with some lemon juice.

  1. Fennel Orange Syrup

To prepare fennel orange syrup, you need to combine sugar, fennel seeds, orange juice, and water in a medium saucepan. Simmer the mix over medium flame and stir until sugar dissolves. Low the flame once mixture starts to boil. Remove the saucepan and add orange zest and let it steep for an hour. Use fine mesh to sieve the mix. Discard remaining solid and put the mix into fridge once cool. You can use this syrup up to 1 month if stored in refrigerator.