Annual Well Woman Exam comprises of several tests for the women. However, sometimes, this exam includes screening for colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer at the same time. This leads to the confusion among a majority of women to perform the test as they are not well aware of its importance. This blog will let you know about 6 lesser-known facts of it. Let’s have a look.   

6 ways for the evaluation of the screening test

Health screening tests must be offered to the patients who will meet the given criteria:

  1. Evaluate the availed treatment options: Right treatment options and methods must be available at the clinic.
  2. Consider the severity of the disease: The medical complication and disease must have its significant impact on the life expectancy and quality of life.
  3. Determine whether asymptomatic disease can help or not: Diseases and complications must have the period when it will reduce its severity and increase the life expectancy. Moreover, it must possess the clearance of the symptoms after getting the right medication at the same time. Even, the treatment option must provide the superior therapeutic result during the asymptomatic phase.
  4. Incidence of the disease must be quite high: The newly identified diseases and complications should be significant enough and worthy to the cost of the screening tests.
  5. Screening can make the treatment easy: The screening procedures should be easy to perform with simple interpretation and much comfortable to the patients.
  6. The expense will be more reasonable: The tests should be offered at an affordable price. Along with the monetary expense of performing the tests, it also includes incurring of false report as it can cause bad psychological impact on the patients. Moreover, the patients have to perform the test again to get the desired result.

Ovarian cancer screening may not need

Ovarian cancer is one of the most dangerous cancer forms which can cause maximum death number for women. If it can be diagnosed earlier then, survival rate can be influenced to a great extent. The prime aim of its diagnosing is to offer the beneficial effect of the right treatment on time.

However, some instances show that treatment at the asymptomatic stages can offer better survival rather than no tests. Positive reports for the ovarian cancer can cause you to undergo surgical procedures. So, false positivity leads to other health complications at the same time.

Importance of colorectal cancer screening

Colorectal cancer, on the other hand, is the medical complication meets all the aforementioned criteria for screening. Though it consumes several years to develop fully yet begins as the non-cancerous polyp development on the rectum or colon’s inner lining. Gradually, it grows into tumour or tissue and later transformed into cancer. Polyps are non-cancerous but some can convert into cancer.

As no symptoms are experienced only screening test can detect it. So, the cancer can get prevented with right medication by creating no impact on the life expectancy or on health. Diagnosing is only possible for this cancer type after the emergence of symptoms and as a result survival rate can get affected on the basis of cancer stage.

Certain widely accepted methods of heath screening tests and treatments are there available for this cancer. This can be given to the patients in its asymptomatic period for treating early-stage or precancerous cancer. 50 is the ideal age bar to start with this screening.

Other critical screening tests you may require

Apart from colorectal cancer, breast cancer screening is necessary. So, you may advise to perform mammogram along with HPV and Pap smear for cervical cancer. Blood test is also suggested sometimes for detecting the skin cancer. On the other hands, Blood Sugar Test is performed for screening of diabetes.

Though, all these health screening tests are important yet you are advised to consult with your doctor before undergoing any. Only a doctor can suggest you with the most essential ones.