It might be away from the eye of the common man, but industries involve various kinds of complicated process which involve chemical reactions and many manufacturing sub-processes before the final product is made. There is a substantial back story behind almost everything we are using in our home, office or even a well-developed walk park. This is precisely where the FRP storage tanks come into play. These are almost a note to most kinds of deployment environments and are used for handling, management, and storage of chemical critical and nascent substances like blend, ethanol and various types of combinations.

FRP storage tanks and manufactured through the rigorous process is like contact molding, filament winding that makes it a perfect choice for safe storage of highly corrosive chemicals, wastes, and nascent acids. Total customizability which can be enjoyed with FRP storage tanks is vital for customers to get storage solutions in different shapes like rectangular, square vertical, horizontal ground or even flat bottom.

Various applications of FRP storage tanks

Chemical Production

It is quite apparent that search industry specific and highly you 12 utilizable robust, corrosion resistant, watertight, lightweight FRP storage tanks are of great use while carrying out processes which yield acidic or alkaline chemicals to be used in laboratories and several industries. It is quite evident that the production of such critical chemicals far from human use are involving vigorous reactions and highly essential processes that can harm human beings to a great extent. The FRP storage tanks with various designs, sizes, and shapes are perfect to keep you secured against all harms.

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry is another excellent instance of the application for the FRP storage tanks and several other kinds of condensation and production processes. The petrochemical industry in walls everything from the treatment of crude oil to the separation of minor petroleum products like paraffin wax and naphthalene. Operations involved various chemicals either of acidic or alkaline nature that can be stored, saved or even collected after production with total ease and sustainability with the help of FRP storage tanks.

Dye Industry

The time in the industry in walls dissolution of various colours and other water treatment chemicals before the delicate fabrics are exposed to them. These processes require substantial dying restaurants and colour preparation tanks. This is precisely where the highly reliable and utilizable FRP tanks can be used on a long-term basis.

Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic manufacturing industry starts right from the initial treatment of plastic globules which are rigorously treated and processed before they are converted into thin plastic sheets, articles for various uses. All these processes involved chemicals and multiple substances simultaneously at varying high temperatures ranging from 1200 to 1500 Kelvin.


The agrochemical industry in walls and in-depth application of such storing vessels because of their bulk production in a very short span of time. Different agrochemical brands like Pidilite or Jubilant involve output of the various process and semi-processed food materials consumed in various food processing industries and setups.

Educational Labs

The educational chemistry related laboratories are found in vast numbers across various esteemed Institute. For example, the IIT BHU even has a blast furnace for experiments involved in metal extraction. With such critical process is being carried out at a massive range of temperatures, reliable storage vessels, and materials of real importance such working scenarios. FRP storage tanks can help the world solve a lot of infrastructural issues with excellent cost-effectiveness.

These were some of the most evident applications of FRP storage tanks while the scope of their use is ever increasing after their inception