Staying updated with the latest fashion trends has become very easy. Thanks to the internet! Social media is flooded with the trend does that we essentially need. And that’s exactly why we have steady subscriptions to internet deals such as Verizon deals, in every modern household.

Even if we don’t follow every trend, we find it essential to be aware of every trend at least. We can’t live without browsing the latest trends in clothing, footwear, handbags, and what not. Before writing this blog post, we have carefully reviewed famous fashion magazines, reviews by designers as well as people, and the trending debates over the trends of 2018.

We are already in the middle of 2018 and it’s time to assess some of the best and worst fashion trends of the year. If following every trend is not your cup of tea, then it shows that you have a good fashion sense and you are trendsetter yourself. We don’t have to follow every trend that hits the ramp. After all, it’s all about the type of personality, comfort, body type, and the type of stuff that suits a person.

We have always remembered this phrase from a magazine, ‘Wear the trend, don’t let it wear you.’ And it is so true! Trends are to enhance the beauty instead of making someone look ridiculous. We are going to list some of the most versatile and influential trends of 2018 that you are either going to love or hate. Let’s find out.

Fringes are in vogue since the beginning of the year. We have witnessed them everywhere. On the hems of the outfits, hanging from the handbags, and where not! It definitely is a tricky trend to wear right. One has to have a good proportion and style sense to manage an outstanding outfit with fringes. Because of the massive number of outfits that exhibit disproportionate use of fringes, many do not like the said trend. After all, the majority wants to play safe when it comes to experimenting with new trends. No one wants to end up looking ridiculous.

The Fanny Pack
Yes, we are talking about the 80s’ and 90s’ fanny pack. Every kid in the neighborhood would wear one on his belt. It used to be an efficient accessory back in those days when we went camping on mountains or sea. That’s how our generation remembers it. As a trend of 2018, it does look good with the belts, especially with the monochrome outfits. It enhances the outfit while drawing attention to the waist, the thinnest part of the silhouette. And every woman would want that. From an aesthetic point of view, many find the fanny pack hideous and ugly. And we totally agree!

Oversized Jewelry
2018 brought us massive statement pieces of jewelry. Necklaces, rings, earrings, you name it and you will see an oversized version of it. Oversized jewels essentially and effortlessly enhance a plain and simple outfit. You can draw attention to the areas that you want. They act as a perfect accessory when it comes to highlighting your outfit, figure, or hair for that matter. It has become a famous contemporary hack to look taller by wearing a long necklace paired with a monochrome outfit. Or, wearing a huge piece of jewelry on a deep neckline to draw attention. Many don’t find these enormous pieces of jewelry elegant. They think that it looks funny how you carry a huge piece of bling metal in the name of stylish jewelry.

Floral Prints
We witnessed romanticism reaching an alarmingly high level this year with the resurgence of 60s floral prints. We all have at least a few outfits in floral prints in our wardrobes. The trend is here to stay so your collection of floral outfits is safe. However, there are people who don’t find floral prints trendy. For them, these outfits are something right from your grandmother’s trunk case.

Overalls Mania
Overalls have been trending in 2018. Everyone seems to love them. You get to look unique with overalls by pairing them with cool sneakers, pumps, or even flip-flops. They can be complemented with some nice belts that will accentuate the waist. People are choosing pastel colors and unique patterns now. Overalls do look monotonous, especially if they are monochrome. They actually look kind of ridiculous in khaki and nudes.

For more interesting info on the latest trends, catch the catwalks on your TV with your Optimum packages triple play. If you managed to catch the met gala on TV, you might already know what styles would stay in vogue. You can also browse creative ideas and reviews on the trend on the internet. You can even look up tips about whether the trend will suit you or not.

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