Traveling is an experience that can enrich the soul. Many people still hesitate to travel because they think it is too expensive. However, staying in a city like Rajkot need not be expensive. In fact, with a little planning and research, you can find budget hotel booking in Rajkot. The problem with budgets, though, that they can sometimes be quite dicey. Budgets can range from absolute hovels to fairly decent options which are both comfortable and reasonable.

Also remember that budgets can be fairly subjective. A budget stay for a business traveler is usually at a higher range than a college student on a shoestring budget. If you are hoping to strike the second deal, there are some things you need to check out.

Location: The location of the hotel is the key. When your location is close to the reason you are in Rajkot, you can cut down on transportation costs. For instance, if you are traveling as a tourist, book a hotel that is near the city centre or the attractions of the city. If its a business visit, pick a hotel in the area where most of your business is. Finding a budget hotel in some remote corner may prove counterproductive if you end up spending too much time and effort in just traveling to and fro. This factor is even more relevant if you are a female traveler or you are traveling with your family. Avoid remote locations that seem unsafe at night.

Safety: One of the biggest problems with budget hotels is the lack of security. It is often very lax or even non-existent. Rajkot is a daily safe city. However, you do need to ensure that the hotel is safe for you to stay in. To find out, you can look for online reviews. Unsafe hotels are unlikely to get any positive reviews. Do not hesitate to ask the hotel about its safety system at the time of making reservations. Again, location is also quite important. Avoid budget hotel booking Rajkot in remote or unsavoury locations.

Hygiene: Most of us will be more than happy to get a cheap hotel stay. But what if it comes at the cost of hygiene? This is the minimum standard that you have to ensure. The hotel must be clean. The rooms must seem clean and airy, the linen looking clean and washed for your use. Be sure to check the bathroom. Make sure that every corner has been cleaned before you checked in.

Rooms: If you have any particular preference about rooms, be sure to check them out. For instance, if you are traveling with others, make sure there are single beds. Similarly, you can book dormitories (if available) to save on costs. Even if you are travelling on a budget, you may want some luxuries in your room, such as an attached bathroom or provisions to make tea. The latter can actually help you save money.

Hotel amenities: There are some hotel amenities that may be well worth a little extra cost. This can differ form one person to another. For instance, if your purpose is to relax, you may not mind a little extra splurge on a swimming pool or a home theatre on the premises. Similarly, if you are budgeting for a business visit, the availability of a conference room may be vital. Renting a place for your business meetings may actually prove to be more expensive. Similarly, amenities in the room like tea/coffee preparation kits can actually save you money. So, consider hotel amenities in budget hotel booking Rajkot.

Food availability: You can make up for the cost if you hotel offers deals on meals. Many hotels offer free meals to attract visitors during the off-season. A common amenity is complementary breakfast. These are important savings. You can feast on great food at a relatively low cost. Factor in these savings when you check the prices. A slightly higher price may well be worth it because of the availability of complementary meals.

In short, when you are budget hotel booking Rajkot, you should check out its locations, safety and hygiene standards. If a hotel is slightly above your budget, check if the amenities on offer make up for it

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