Nine mobile homes and a mobile truck which were parked in the parking yard of Parklands Holiday Park were destroyed at around 3.30 am on 10th July 2019.

Mobile homes are a house on wheels.  Mobile homes are preferred as they can be moved to any place. Mobile homes are affordable, low-income houses for people who have limited income. Mobile homes do not have permanent base structures as they are movable from one place to another.

Mobile homes or manufactured homes have two types of variants. The first one is you own the mobile home and parks it in a park by paying the rent to the park owner; you are the owner of the mobile home and not the place. The Second type is you rent a mobile home in a holiday park; here you are renting the mobile home with the place.  There is no time limit for the tenancy and you can stay in the mobile home by paying monthly rent.

There are different types of mobile homes and each is called trailers, caravans or manufactured home or mobile homes. Trailer is vastly different from the caravan as a trailer is separately manufactured and pulled by a vehicle. In a mobile home, the house is manufactured on the vehicle chassis as a permanent fixture and the vehicle is moved as a vehicle.

One such place is the Parklands Holiday Park.  A Lot of mobile homes is available here for sale or rent. It is a beautiful place to stay. On the day of the fire incident though the place was bristling with activity none of the damaged house was occupied, preventing any causality.

Gardai are probing for any criminal activity as it has been found that the first was set deliberately. There was no injury as the homes were vacant. As soon as the fire broke out, emergency services were pressed upon which reduced the damages to a great extent.

Insurance is very essential for such vehicles as the investment in a mobile home is quite high. It is better to ensure the vehicle under vehicle insurance and the home under home insurance. So both the caravan and mobile home have to be insured under home insurance with additional features while the vehicle is insured under a motor insurance policy.

Mobile home insurance Ireland is very essential as the park owner might insist on the insurance to safeguard his interests. Sometimes without caravan insurance or mobile home insurance your vehicle might not be allowed to park inside a mobile home park. That’s the reason, you must opt for a caravan insurance Ireland right away.

As the mobile homes come with an attached kitchen it is better to have home insurance to save yourself from fire or any other natural calamities. The Parklands Holiday Park should have been insured as they have a lot of mobile homes on their premises.  Luckily the mobile homes were not occupied, thereby reducing the damage. The company informed that not of its customer’s mobile homes were damaged in the fire.

Gardai have not ruled out the angle of sabotage and the probing is done in that angle also. These types of fire accidents show the importance of home insurance. As an individual mobile owner, the fire would have been devastating if it had not been insured.

Mobile homes are preferred to reduce their investment in permanent homes. Gardai will thoroughly investigate the cause of the fire and has said no one has been arrested and the park is operating normally without any disruption.

Mobile homes have been used by people with less investment capacity and have been a boon for them to own a home and travel with it if wanted. Park owners who provide space to park mobile vehicles or let out the homes as rent has been serving well to provide affordable homes.

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