A new year has begun and in this article, we are presenting a list of digital marketing trends expected to dominate 2019. More and more people are opting for HTML to WordPress conversion or migration from other formats.

They want to access the open-source platform to exploit its powerful digital marketing capabilities. WordPress’ SEO features and its easy integration with third-party services is helpful in community building and other marketing efforts.

A well-planned campaign needs an effective launchpad and the CMS provides the perfect platform for the purpose. However, website owners need to know about the latest developments in the field in order to frame effective strategies. The following tips will help them in creating an effective digital marketing plan:

1. Featured Snippets Will Become More Versatile

Search engines like Google are constantly refining their approach to provide better service. One such user-friendly feature is featured snippet. It is an instant answer to a search query displayed in a box above the organic results. This helps users to immediately get an idea if not the complete picture about a question. Google scans the content of all relevant search results to identify one which accurately answers a user’s query. You can easily expect more and more owners trying to fashion their content to qualify for the featured snippet section. The chances of users visiting the website of the featured snippet content are far greater those of other SERP entries.

2. More Personalized Video Content Will Be Created

Video has emerged to become a powerful marketing tool. More and more businesses are creating video content and posting them on all platforms. The increased usage of smartphones has led to the increased consumption of such content. Companies are creating detailed video marketing strategies for promoting their brands. This year this tactic will be refined further and personalized video content will be created for targeting customers. This is expected to be a smart move as personalization has become a key strategy for marketing professionals. Creatively inserting the name of an individual in a clip will immediately establish a connection with that person.

3. Voice Search Optimization Will Grow In Importance

The advent of smart speakers along with the growing usage of smartphones has contributed to the growth of voice searches. Instead of typing, people are speaking a query to a device which provides them with results. Professionals will intensify their voice search optimization efforts in the coming days to gain high SERP rankings. Voice commands are used largely for local searches which make it essential that businesses provide accurate information. Basic details like NAP i.e. name, address, and phone number must be consistent across all platforms.

4. Influencer Marketing Will Become More Powerful

Social media has evolved into a powerful marketing tool which has led to the rise of the influencers. These are people who have a large social following due to their expertise in a particular area. Brands connect with these individuals and encourage them to promote their products on their social accounts. One of the hottest digital marketing trends of the past year, expect influencer marketing to grow even bigger in 2019. A major reason for the popularity of this strategy is the effective manner in which it communicates a branding message.

5. Privacy Regulations Will Affect Strategies

Privacy laws will force brands to modify their marketing strategies. The implementation of the GDPR by the European Union (EU) last year has made it essential for businesses to establish procedures for accessing user information. More and more jurisdictions are expected to enforce similar laws for protecting the personal information of their citizens. Companies will have to ensure that ethical practices are used for accessing consumer data. They will also have to invest in a suitable infrastructure for protecting such information.

6. Chatbots Will Become More Visible

Chatbots are being used by businesses for interacting with website visitors. These tools help in providing round the clock customer service at reduced costs. Customers like them because they do not have to wait and get instant help. Chatbots have the potential to boost the conversion rate of a business. Moreover, these tools give an insight into the mindset of the target audience. It can be safely said that in the coming days, more and more websites will start featuring these virtual assistants.

7. Brands Will Invest In Community Building

The digital platforms opened up a new avenue for marketing professionals. However, consumers do not blindly trust the branding message and look for confirmation. They frequent user forums and social networks to check the feedback before making a choice. Brands are building communities to create a loyal customer base to take advantage of word of mouth publicity. This year will see companies invest in creating communities around their products. They will use social networks and other digital platforms for building such groups.


These digital marketing trends are expected to be a part of the majority of marketing strategies. However, the unpredictable nature of the digital medium can throw up surprises and force professionals to use completely different tactics.

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Jacob Graves is a Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd, a company that provides psd to wordpress conversion services in a convenient manner. He is a passionate writer and loves to share WordPress and SEO related tutorials.