So, you have finally bought yourself a new apartment. And now, you want to make it look absolutely gorgeous so that your neighbors envy you, right? Well, in that case, what are you waiting for?

Sit with your family members and make a plan that’ll help you deck up your apartment in the best ways possible. And yes, being an interior designer, there’s one thing I would like to tell; please don’t ignore the kitchen area, unlike the other homeowners.

Yes, you read that right; most of the homeowners ignore their kitchen even though they are aware that it’s one of the most trafficked rooms in the house. So, if you had any thoughts like- “why decorate the kitchen? My guests aren’t going to sit there”, or “It’s not a room worth decorating”, then it’s my humble request, flush these thoughts! The kitchen is the heart of the house, so you must take care of it and deck it up like other rooms.

Now, you must be thinking, how much do you need to spend behind kitchen renovation right? Well, that completely depends on what you want to do with this nook. If you have ample amount to spend, then you can do quite a lot of things. But, if there’s a budget constraint, then the simplest way in which you can make your kitchen look well-groomed is by installing Shaker Style Cabinets.

3 Specialties of Shaker Cabinets that make it everyone’s FavoriteWondering, why is shaker kitchen cabinets most homeowners’ favorite? Well, then here are a couple of points that you must go through.

#1. Suits Every Type of Kitchen:
One of the major reasons why the demand for shaker cabinets is high in the market is because these cabinetry suit almost every type of kitchen, be it traditional or modern. In fact, it is preferred by many traditionalist kitchen designers too because it suits every type of kitchen.

#2. Easily Available:
Another reason why people prefer these cabinets is because they are easily available. Yes, that’s right! Visit all the cabinet stores in your city and I can bet that you’ll easily find shaker style cabinets there.

#3. Wide Options on Materials, Sizes and Colors:
Are you still skeptical about purchasing them because you are afraid that it would match with your wall color or fit into your kitchen? Worry not; these cabinets are available in various colors and sizes. Hence, be rest assured as you can easily find or else, customize one. Also, they are available in a wide variety of materials.

Now that you know why they are almost every people’s favorite, don’t you think you must invest in one? Yes? Then, wait no more and buy it right away!

Additional Ways to Decorate Shaker Cabinets
And, if you are willing to increase the glam factor of your kitchen, then here are a few added things that you can do to your shaker cabinets and make it look stunning. Take a look.

Add LED Strip Lights:
Shaker cabinet sets are already quite classy. However, if you want to add an extra tinge of glamour to it, then one simplest way in which you can do that is by installing LED strip lights below it. Trust me, it’s going to look amazing.

Add Unique Handles:
Another very simple and cost-effective way in which you can make these kitchen cabinets look superb is my changing their handles. Visit a hardware store and purchase cabinet handles that are unique and attractive.

Add Glass Doors on the Upper Cupboards:
If you have purchased a full set of shaker cabinets that include both upper and floor cabinets, then one thing that you can do to glam up the cabinet’s overall look is by replacing the upper cabinet doors with the ones made of glass. Believe me or not, this is an amazing idea and I’ve tried this on many clients’ cabinets.

Do you think that these ideas are interesting and easy-to-implement? If yes, then do try these out after you install shaker cabinets in your kitchen. And, to know more about White Kitchen Cabinet, wait for my upcoming blog.

Sean Graham is an interior designer who has written several blogs on kitchen renovation, using Shaker Style Cabinets. For getting tips to purchase shaker white kitchen cabinet, you can follow his blogs and articles.

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