A brisket can be one of the most delicious barbecue dishes you can taste, but it needs to be prepared right, from the cooking process to using a good dry rub for brisket, that can take the flavors and put them over the top.

The steps to preparing brisket are relatively simple and just require a lot of time and patience. Today, we will show you how you can make a perfect brisket and where to get a Good Dry Rub For Brisket that is loaded with flavor in every bite.

The first step to good brisket is to find the right cut of meat. A brisket should have the fat trimmed from the flat so that your dry rub will really cling and adhere to the meat. That’s what helps to create an outer covering a dark bark that is extra tasty. You also want the hard fat removed. This is the fat that sits between the point and the flat. This does not render when cooking brisket, which is why it should just be removed completely.

Once you finish trimming the fat of the meat and are left with the cut of meat you will be cooking, you want to season it properly. When using a dry rub, make sure that all sides of the meat are completely covered and season to taste so you get the best flavor. For many people, this step begins with a dry brine where you season the meat with salt and then the dry rub and let sit in a covered container for several hours or even overnight so that the spices really cling to the meat.

As you prepare to cook, let the brisket sit out at room temperature for about an hour and then set it onto a grate fat side down in the smoker. The smoking process can be an especially extensive one. It will take several hours for the meat to start looking like it should, and even then it is not close to completion. This is normally a 10 to 12 hour process, and you should spend the first five hours just letting the meat cook in the smoker without even checking on it. After that, you should periodically check the meat and take the temperature of the meat to see that it is at an appropriate temperature, usually around 225 degrees. You may also want to remove the brisket before then and wrap it to help seal in the flavors more before letting the smoking process continue for up to 3 to 5 more hours.

When it is done, you should let it sit for a few minutes to reduce the temperature slightly before you slice and serve.

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The spice blends combine Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern influence and contain ingredients like paprika, salt, black pepper, sugar, ground chiles, all things that make for a great smoked brisket flavor that you will not forget. It is not easy to make beef brisket that tastes like it was prepared by a chef, but you can make it look a little easier when you use Casa M Spice Co?’s good dry rub for brisket today and take your barbecue to another level.

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