Compression testing machine is also known as a universal testing machine. Especially, it is arranged to compute the static characteristics of the compressive strength of the material, products and the components. The characteristics which are measured by the compression testing machine are an ultimate strength of compression, strength of yield, modulus, and deflection.

The test of compressions is used to measure the behavior of the material under the load. In this test, the material which can sustain a maximum stress under the given load over a period of time is calculated. This test is done up to a limit.  This test is very common and also a very popular method which finds the force of the material. During testing, when the limit comes then that limit is defined by depending on the type of the material. And the limit used is a load limit or a deflection limit.

The sample is placed between two plates and then distributed the load, which is applied to the given surface area and after that, the plates are pushed by this machine. The parameters like compressive strength, yield strength, ultimate strength, elastic limit, and elastic modulus are also determined by testing a material. Now let’s have a look on the uses of compression testing machine which are listed below:

  • The strength of the components such as keypads, package seals, and bellows etc. are accessed by this machine.
  • The compressive properties of materials such as foam, metal etc are also characterized by this machine.
  • The machine is also used to access the performance of products like the force of a syringe etc.

There are three types of this machine:

  1. Spring testing
  2. Top-load testing which is also known as crash testing
  3. Flexure testing which is also known as bend testing

Now let’s talk about some benefits of this machine like:

  • To determine the batch quality
  • To calculate consistency in manufacture
  • To assist in the designing process
  • To reduce the cost of material
  • To accomplish the lean goals of manufacturing

And many other. Along with these benefits there are many applications of this machine also which are given below:

  • An industry of aerospace and automotive: it includes tests on pedal, switches and spring testing.
  • An industry of construction: it consists of measuring the strength of flexural and tests of penetration.
  • An industry of cosmetics: it consists of force testing of spray, breaks strength testing of the lipsticks, and testing the force of lotion and creams and many others.
  • An industry of electrical and electronic: it includes the force testing of buttons and many other.
  • An industry of medical device: it includes actuation testing of force, testing of 3 point bend, and the actuation of the syringe plunger and many more.

Above are the applications of this machine and the machine to test these testing in the industry is known as a compression testing machine. These machines have increased the effectiveness in the industry and have helped in increasing the productivity.

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