Oil filled transformers have their own pros and cons and when you compare them with cast resin transformers, you always end up with dry cast resin models instead of oil filled units. Cast resin transformer unit has its own benefits over oil filled. Let’s discuss them all in detail.

  1. Minimal fire risk

Manufacturers use inflammable materials with self-extinguishing property to construct cast resin transformer units. This eliminates the need of using fire protection coatings on these transformers. Moreover, when fire incidents occur, the emission of toxic gases and opaque fumes is lower. The minimal fire risk feature of the cast resin transformer makes the unit perfect fit for places where safety is crucial, such as public premises, hospitals, airports, mines, subway lines, oil rigs, ships, etc.

  1. Dry type design

Cast resin units are dry type transformers that require air for cooling. This makes cast resin models almost maintenance-free since you don’t need to perform any oil testing. And when you don’t have to use liquid coolant to this dry type unit, you make an eco-friendly approach because there is no coolants can be released into the environment.

  1. Easy to maintain

Insulation used by manufacturers in the cast resin units ensures secure performance without investing in its maintenance services, which are usually costly for users. When you get the cast resin transformer from the supplier in your local, you will be guided about simple visual checks to be performed as preventative maintenance steps. When you perform preventative maintenance steps consistently, you don’t have to take your transformer to the service point for costly maintenance services.

  1. Low operating costs

As there are low losses in the magnetic core and in the windings, this lower the operation costs.

  1. Handy installation

Any type of transformer is a key unit used by the electrical supply network and thus, its installation should be quick and handy for the users. Manufacturers of cast resin transformers design the units in such a way that user can easily install them without any requirement of blast walls. Situation can become less complex if the user has already made the plan for installation as this saves the installation costs.

  1. IP enclosure benefit

Instead of using conventional transformer bays, simple IP enclosures are the best option for manufacturers to provide maximum access prevention and protection of cast resin units. Users can avail IP enclosures in distinct types and colors as per their requirement and preference.

  1. Reliability

The latest technology employed by manufacturers in the making of cast resin transformers’ windings delivers highly reliable product.

  1. Versatile

Cast resin transformers are able to sustain overloads due to their versatile designing.

Standard accessories used in cast resin units-

  • Lifting eyebolts
  • Bidirectional wheels
  • Earthing links
  • Probes for windings temperature
  • Identification plate
  • Tapping terminal board on MV side
  • CE marking