The introduction of Indian web series in the country has proven to be a boon for the millenials. This surely has given the entertainment industry new and innovative content. Creators are now thinking out of the box and not shying away from showing the public the reality. The best thing about these series is the lack of censorship. So enjoy your uncensored fun. These are the best series of the year 2019.

Delhi Crime

Richie Mehta has touched a very sensitive topic in the show Delhi Crime released in March 2019. The show depicted the most brutal, insensitive rape case in India. Delhi Crime has been critically acclaimed since the fisrt season was aired. Shefali Shah, AdilHussain, RasikaDugal, Rajesh Tailang starrer Delhi Crime is based on the 2012 Delhi gang rape case, which is also known as the Nirbhaya case. It is about a 23 year old girl who was with her male friend and they were going home after catching a movie.


Created by Karan Anshuman and Gurmeet Singh, is a totally different world you will witness. It is a crime thriller series based in a small town Mirzapur. Mirzapur has proven to be a gem and is loved by the audience because of an exciting plot and the impeccable acting.

The story revolves around guns, drugs, mafia, and mayhem. The highlight of the story is Akhandanand “Kaleen Bhaiya” Tripathi (played by PankajTripathi) who has become rich by exporting carpets.

Criminal Justice

This one is a thrilling Indian crime series that is based on the BBC show of the same name. It is directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, and the cast includes Jackie Shroff, PankajTripathi, Vikrant Massey, MitaVashist and AnupriyaGoenka.

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Aditya is blamed for murder after a girl is found dead in his cab which is followed by a drug experience and a one night stand. When he wakes he sees that the girl is dead and the knife is in his hands. He tries to find out what happened that night, how did he end up there and he has to prove his innocence in front of the police and the judiciary before it is too late and he ends up in jail.

Four More Shots Please

The show was launched in January 2019. Four More Shots is based on the contemporary city lives of four young girls who are best friends. The series shows how four friends struggle to find success, career, identity, and love. The series highlights women strengths and shows that women can and should do whatever they want to. The show has amazing style of fashion. The series Four More Shots Please portrays the female point of view on relationships, career, friendships, and life.

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