Building an application is only half part of the job and maintaining it is another one. A good application is one which runs without issues and bugs; this can only be achieved with application maintenance services providing company.

Mobile Applications and console based applications are gaining a lot of importance in day to day scenario, so knowing how to building an application or getting your application outsourced has become a prime thing for development companies. With the popularity of these apps, companies offering QA and maintenance services for software and apps are also getting business opportunities.

Levels of maintenance services:

There are levels of app maintenance provided by a company. These levels vary according to the product developed by the company. These levels are:-

#1. Level 1 Support

These services involve a user support team that receives queries in one’s preferred way by phone/video calls, chat, and social network, using specific web forms on a tracking system. The service team registers and prioritizes the queries, collects the comprehensive description of the problems one faced and either directly solves simple, previously documented issues or pass them to the next level of support.

#2. Level 2 support

These services involve a trained technical support team that deals with system troubleshooting, monitors key performance indicators of the system as well as takes care of simple configuration issues, software installations, and routine maintenance.

#3. Level 3 support

These services involve a team of engineers with deep understanding and knowledge of the technologies and languages used in the application. They have complete access to the application’s server, the team fixes more complex issues that are previously not recognized or require code reviews or substantial changes in the system. The engineers can also carry out complex configurations, database administration, server, and network repairs etc.

Advantages of using these services

There are a few advantages of using services. These are:-

  • Free in-house IT resources that majorly focus on core competencies.
  • Improve service response and resolution time.
  • Achieve a smoother introduction of new products releases and upgrades to end users.

Application maintenance services are equally important for a user since these services help them in clearing query they might encounter while running an application or an issue that may arise in the application.

With this maintenance providing companies, you may seek for active updates in your app with new features and also the bugs will be fixed on a regular interval of time.

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