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Car racing has been a rage amongst people of almost all ages. Whether it is a teenager tired of studies or a mature man, tired of his office shift, everyone seeks a little adrenaline, through virtual racing. This is the main reason why Android application development has taken car racing games so seriously. When you create android apps, your focus is to appeal to the maximum number of people so that your company gains popularity and your brand value gets amplified.

Let us explore a list of the most amazing car racing applications that developers worldwide are seeking inspiration from!

Need for Speed Shift
Need For Speed (NFS) is a classic. There is no doubt about its popularity. It is safe to presume that even a person who is not very fond of car racing must be acquainted with this game. This game has been around for decades. Android has definitely taken the right step by developing an android friendly version of the same.

Although, nothing compares to the original NFS feel, Need for Speed Shift, is an acceptable version of the game that works on the Android OS. The big way in which technology is growing I am quite hopeful that the coming versions of NFS are going to be even more enthralling.

Drift Mania Championship
Drifters are the name of the game! That’s why Drift Mania Championship has done so well. It is said that some really high end developers worked closely with drifters of the race town, to develop this game. If drifting is your love, then this game has to be there in your mobile. Its user Interface is commendable. All the effects and images used herein are strikingly attractive and complement the theme quite well.

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GT Racing: Motor Academy
I know you love it. So do I. GT Racing almost simulates a life like racing world for you. There are multiple levels that one must go through, where a player begins as a Greenhorn and then level after level keeps improving in manoeuvres and skills. You finally graduate to an ace racer.

The game is so addictive that about 43% of gamers across the world have downloaded it on their androids already! The most amazing thing about this app is that you can either grow in this game as a player by winning each level, or pay money (real) and buy your way up! The developers of this game are minting money because of its unique appeal and features.

Fast Five: The Movie
Based on the fifth part of the movie Fast and Furious, this game is a sure treat. If you liked the movie, you will surely love this game. The game is very engaging because it has scenes from the movie in between your races, making it very real and entertaining.

If you aren’t interested in the movie clips, you can simply skip those parts and jump to the next level of racing. You get the right to use to the latest cars, and as you evolve through the game, you will have to face hurdles of different kinds and changed environments. You can rewind the game if you want, so that you can give things a better shot.

Asphalt 6
Enthusiasts would absolutely love this one. Asphalt 6 is not just engaging, it’s beautiful. This app has elements of other popular racing games, fused into one, with many powerful and attractive features combined for the best user experience. Its graphics and animation would actually make anyone’s heart skip a beat. It has some really interesting features like getting licensed cars, which you can do only after defeating competition.

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