5 Reasons To Choose Handmade Cosmetics

Handmade Cosmetics

Looking beautiful and attractive every day is not an easy work to do. Even after facing so much dust and harmful airs throughout the day, your face should look fresh and ready to have a blast. However, for having such face, these days’ ladies are opting for more and more cosmetics that doesn’t only harming their skin but also affecting their natural beauty.

Your cosmetic should not be damaging your skin cells or harm it, if yes then you need to stop using such products and switch to handmade cosmetics. There is a huge market where you can find handmade cosmetics in India. However, understanding few points will help to make a right decision.

Understand that Natural, Organic and Vegan is not same things
Well, when it comes to natural, there are various options are available in the market. Don’t get confused between terms like Natural, organic and Vegan. These three terms have its own meaning and values, here what you need to know:-

#1 Natural cosmetic
Well, natural cosmetics means that you are going to have minimum amount of synthesized in your makeup products. However, there is no strict rule about standards. That’s why if you are looking for the best products, you should first go through the ingredients that your cosmetic contents. Also, Natural doesn’t assure to provide you hundred percentages of natural ingredients. Apart from that, there are some ingredients that may sound like scientific but actually there are natural for example, sodium chloride is simply known as sea salt.

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#2 Organic Cosmetics
Organic cosmetics are a much better option if you are looking for purity and standard.  The ingredients that are used for making such cosmetics are farmed organically and gone through lots of tests and practices.  The organic products contain zero percentage of any toxic synthetic herbicides or any kind of chemical. The product only gets labeled with ‘organic’ when it gets declared by the experts.  That simply means whatever product you are using; it contains at least 95% of organic ingredients.

#3 Vegan cosmetics
Vegan is another very common name offers makeup cosmetic that provides zero use of animal products or byproducts. That also means the products are free from animal testing and no animal were harmed.  However Vegan cosmetic doesn’t contain animal related ingredient but it includes honey, lanolin, collagen, and beeswax.

5 reasons to choose handmade cosmetics: what you should know!
Apart from choosing between Vegan, natural and organic, you can also go with handmade cosmetic. There are lots of people who suggest making such products at home with the help of natural and homemade ingredients.  There are various manufactures of handmade cosmetics in India where you can even buy such products. Apart from giving natural look and making your skin healthy, here are the top five reasons for choosing handmade cosmetics

No.1. Waste less
Well, there are so many products that get wasted because of the expiry date. However, handmade makeup products can be reused even if they get old.  Also, it can be stored in safe place for a long time without wasting too much.

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No.2. Best for Gift
It is also best for gifts; pack your homemade makeup in beautiful containers and glasses. And you can gift it to your friends and family.  Handmade products are safe for skin and have no effects which make it best option to gift someone on their special occasion.

No.3. Easy to customize
You can improve or customize it according to the ingredients you have. You can even change it if you get any ideas which make the whole thing much simpler.  Handmade makeups let you enjoy the freedom of doing whatever you want to do extra with your makeup products.  You can change it according to your skin type, add any other beneficial ingredient that suits your skin, or do whatever you wanted to do.

No. 4 Simple and multipurpose
Instead of using heavy chemical products on your skin which not just damage and harm on so many levels, it’s best to use homemade makeup. Such products assure hundred percent of safety and let you do experiment with your looks. Apart from that, homemade makeups are simple to use and to make. Also, it can be used for multipurpose which make it less expensive as compared to products you buy from the market.

No. 5. Safety for skin
These days it becomes crucial to have something that assures to provide complete safety. Handmade cosmetics India manufacturers ensure that you do not suffer from any kind of infections or allergies.

They suggest using natural products instead of other cosmetics which can even cause skin cancer and also harm nature.

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