Mom never washes her children’s hair, because she feels sorry for lice

There are people who are so fond of animals, and sometimes they far exceed the limits of behavior considered normal in society.

A clear example of this has been the one that occurred in a municipality of Albacete, Spain. After repeated complaints from mothers of students, the director of a school had to speak to the mother of three students to warn that she must immediately correct the lack of hygiene of her children. These children had lice and their mother did nothing about it, so the director informed her that if she ignored it, she would have to expel the children and report it to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office. «I love animals, they are better than people, and if I wash my children’s hair too often, lice will drown.». said the mother.

It was not necessary to wait any longer so that from the direction of the center the matter will be reported urgently to the Ministry of Education as well as to Social Services.

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